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As a Cosmic interpreter for your Soul our sessions together are powerful Energy Attunements filled with clearings, Activations and Light Codes to realign you with your Highest Self, guiding you back to your Higher Knowing, so you may then continue creating yourself, your day, your life and even your business from the place of Divine Alignment within. Sessions available over Zoom worldwide, or in person on the Sunshine Coast.

Personal Energy Attunement Session

Sometimes we simply need someone else to shine the light on what’s possible to help us climb out of the mire, the muck, the rabbit hole of emotions, confusion, stuckness or resistance we have fallen into.

Be they big or small, visible or hidden our blocks hold us back from reaching our divine birthright, a connection to our path, purpose and a deep passion for life.

Your one hour personal energy attunement session will:

Recentre – Rebalance – Reconnect

Together we will find clarity around your questions, discover divinely inspired direction and learn to “respond” to life from a centered, conscious, clear space/place rather than reacting to triggers, dramas or others projections.

Bringing you into deep alignment with your Soul Self, Core Being, Heart’s Intention, your own Source will restore balance within your body, your life, your Whole Self, and you will leave feeling:

Empowered – Elevated – Uplifted

Your new luminous life, an energetic blueprint that is uniquely yours ready to be unwrapped and expressed is waiting. Take that leap into Being and Book Now.

*Minimum for the first session

$120 (60 minutes)

NB: For additional time or custom sessions tailored to your journey

$20 (per 10 minutes)

Mini Energy Attunement Sessions

Co-creating a Soul Inspired Life can sometimes require tune ups or tune ins. Access the Highest Alchemical Frequencies if you find yourself feeling:

  • Scattered
  • Unclear
  • Emotional
  • Confused
  • Doubtful
  • Buffeted by the effects of the Cosmic Energies

This 20 minute session will help you reclaim your sense of Connectedness, find your center and rediscover peace and ease within your body and mind.

*For continuing upgrades after the initial session

$40 (20 minutes)

NB: For additional time or custom sessions tailored to your journey

$20 (per 10 minutes)

Soul Inspired Business Activation Packages

Ready to activate your business into one that profoundly changes the lives of all that it touches?

Looking to tap into Soul Inspired action, restore balance within yourself, your body, your life and your business?

You’ve been led to the right place. Using channeled guidance and energy attunements I will facilitate a space of coherence, collaboration and unification between you, your Soul, the Divine and your business.

This channeled Soul Business Mentoring activates the highest vibrational creative solutions and expressions to bring you and your business into an aligned and balanced state of co-creation and expression to help awaken the hearts of others.

Using higher consciousness energy tools together we will create more ease and flow, expanding you and your business into the next level/rank/promotion. Let yourself embrace the Soulpreneur within.

Heal – Unlock – Awaken

This package includes a 2 hour initial session, followed by three 30 minute follow ups.

$350 (120 minutes + 3 x 30 minutes)

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