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Before we start on our amazing journey together…. I’d like you to take a moment to relax… Relax into Being!

To Connect Within. To Connect to the very Essence of You…The very Essence of Your Soul!

Don’t you be giving me that “I’m to busy” look…

I’d like you to, right now….

Physically soften & relax your belly area….

All your organs; lower pelvic area; hips; inner thighs…

Now open & expand your Base Chakra…

Take your attention down to your feet… wriggle your toes… Open your feet chakras & feel your Energy flowing through you!

Notice how your Breath is naturally deeper.

Notice how your energy flows more freely, more easily, more smoothly.

Notice how the space around you feels Lighter, more Calm, Peaceful, Brighter, Clearer.

Breathe.. continue to consciously relax, soften, open & expand!

Can you feel it? Can you feel YOU now?!

Yes? Then you’re ready, let’s play…

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