More Kind Words

Penelope Walsh, Naturopath & Astrologer, Noosa, Australia

Jude has an incredible gift, her healings are profound, deeply transformative and absolutely game changing.

Neda McGuire, Gerontologist & End of Life Doula, Virginia, USA

My session with Jude was phenomenal.  After the session, I began to notice subtle changes such as my heart being in joy and viewing things with new eyes, and really feeling the beauty in all things with a huge heart expansion.  One very noticeable change was that I am pretty analytical and never see myself as creative….but after a few weeks, I was called to go the art store and buy supplies. I came home and just colored and doodled my heart out!  Looking forward to another session to with Jude!

Nicole Dumitro, Mentor & Coach, Perth, Australia

My whole world changed since beginning my sessions with Jude and still continues to change for the better every time we have a session. … I thoroughly recommend Jude’s services to anybody in this world who wants to better their life and relationship with themselves and achieve the life they want.

Zilpha Menghett, Support Worker, Lismore

My journey with Jude opened a door through which I could step into a deeper quest of exploring what it is to be my true self. … Judes insight and description of what is going on during attunement, created a safe space to explore interdimensional experience in a very grounded way and left me with practical tools to develop my true sense of self.

Jessica Gale, Animal Companion, Melbourne, Australia

Like Jude I am over 50 and have been around these spiritual self-actualisation realms for 30 years or more. Jude was recommended to me by a mutual friend. I am very particular about who I see as my experience shows me that lightworkers channelling higher energies are sometimes channelling dark energies unintentionally. This happens way more than people realise. Why? Unlike Jude they are novices and have not done the work to fully know these realms. They often stop working on themselves too. Someone like Jude is constantly clearing herself she lives a very clear lifestyle and is in silence and nature often. She is the real deal. She absolutely talks and listens to the celestial realms. Her work has shape shifted me so deeply. The transmissions are beyond spot on with her take on my timeline and always is so clear. The frequencies are powerful and what makes working with her so incredible is she records the call and every time you hear it, it is LIVE again! I have listened to these recordings most days and feel the intensity always. Yes, hello the recording stays live! The sessions just keep giving, since my recent ones I have come leaps and bounds in many areas most significantly in my personal power and connection to myself as the embodiment of my soul this time round. My true destiny is unravelling. I am looking forward to more transmissions. Jude does not mince her words she is a truth teller who is completely non-judgemental and so easy to speak your challenges with. Jude’s quirky character and wise woman intuitive wisdom is so refreshing in these Woo Woo Unicorn New Age times. Jude is “ This Age” right here right now connecting us to our soul’s destiny.