Superfood for the Soul

Life Transforming Soul Readings, Energy Activations, and Practical Tools for Higher Vibrational SOUL INSPIRED LIVING.

If you are saying “Yes to Being, Living, Experiencing & Expressing what you truly came here to Be”…

Welcome to the New Earth way of Living!!

Are You Ready?!
Are You Ready to say YES to YOU?!
Are You Willing to Live a Soul Inspired Life?!….

It is no accident that you have found your way to this space.

Your Soul has called you here as there is something it wishes for you to

Know – Clear – Heal – Activate

which will enable you to Embody & Live more of your True Expression here on this planet now.

Welcome, I’m Jude…

As a Transformational Lightworker, Psychic, Intuitive Counsellor, Empowerment Facilitator, and Conduit for The Divine Frequencies, I’ve been empowering others with their Transformational Journeys for over 30 years.

Many have asked me to “define” what it is I do, truth is what I do is quite vast. It’s multifaceted, multi layered, multiDirectional and most of the time very multiDimensional depending on what each person’s requirements are in any given moment.

I connect in with You, Your Highest Self/Divine Source, by creating a Sacred and Safe Space to bring through whatever is most prevalent for you and your Souls Evolution here on this planet now…

Everything from clearing old stuck energies, programs, patterns, belief systems; to Activating your Unique Soul Codes; or Awakening your True Gifts, Capacities & Abilities; to bringing you home to your Galactic Remembrance… (and sooo much more)… You choose what areas you would like your Session to focus on, or just let your Soul lead the way.

After the completion of our time together, you will feel more aligned with the Real You & your True Path, discovering your new more Authentic, Abundant, Luminous Life; more magical & fulfilling than you could have ever imagined…

Remember – Your Soul has led you here…

So trust its Knowing and give yourself permission to dive even deeper into Embodying more of who and what you Truly Are!!

I applaud your decision to reclaim your Birthright, Your Sovereign Self and the life you were born to live.

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More Kind Words

Penelope Walsh, Naturopath & Astrologer, Noosa, Australia Jude has an incredible gift, her healings are profound, deeply transformative and absolutely game changing. Neda McGuire, Gerontologist & End of Life Doula, Virginia, USA My session with Jude was...

Kind Words

Jude Roche is an amazing therapist/ healer who works on many levels to totally realign mind body and spirit in a unique and harmonious way to assist in releasing old patterns and bring awareness to past conditioning in order to move forward in your life.

I have been having sessions with Jude for the past 6 months. Her energy work is profound using her intuition and higher guidance to tap into exactly what is required for a more balance life. I feel totally supported by Jude as she is also available for mini phone sessions if l am feeling unclear or am needing extra clarity on my path.

If you are ready to grow and shift into your true light l would highly recommend Jude.

Carolyn Bloom, Yoga Teacher, Noosa, Australia

Just say YES!
If you are trying to decide whether or not to have a session with Jude….

JUST SAY YES to the experience.
My skype session with her was true gift. Jude was able to tap into the physical symptoms that have been limiting me and she energetically cleared these issues along with the associated pain by 95% in a 30 minute session.
In addition to tapping into physical symptoms, Jude’s awareness of my energetic health allowed her to provide me with a meditation/connection technique to support “grounding”.
For the first time in 15 years I feel an excitement in my heart as if I know that YES there is something to be excited about! Thank you Jude.

Christine, Registered Nurse, Pennsylvania

I will always remember my first session with Jude. She helped me reconnect with my deepest and highest knowing of myself. It was the most powerful and transformative healing experience.

Over the years I have known when to connect with Jude for a session. They always are such blessings of healing, integration and multidimensional expansion. Jude is a pure and powerful Soul Whisperer and keeps it all very practical and down to earth with personalized techniques for attunement and living a more soul filled life.

I’ve recommended Jude to many friends and clients and look forward to working with her for many more years.

Petra Hooyenga, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Netherlands

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